Centre for Education and Language

The aspiration of The Centre for Education and Language (CEL) is to enhance, build, develop and sustain the quality of education and learning of the English Language. Both Education and Language empower minds and enable individuals to make life-changing decisions. Globalization and the revolution in information technology have wrought changes in Education and Language. Today, English is the operating system for worldwide communication and therefore, there is a need to strengthen the proficiency of English Language among students and professionals, in order to meet international standards. This is achieved through exemplary curriculum design and assessment practices, innovative and creative learning activities, as well as professional sharing of good practices at local and international levels.

CEL offers a range of programmes and services that develop English Language fluency and accuracy for students within the university, as well as for those striving to improve their written and spoken English. In addition, the Centre has proudly initiated two Diploma in Education progammes; namely, the Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE) and the Diploma in Education TESL. CEL endeavours to produce graduates who are proficient in the field of ECE and TESL in line with the government’s aspiration of upgrading the early childhood profession and the ups killing of English Language teachers. Our graduates will be prepared to function as highly qualified, competent, and committed professionals in the field of education.

The Centre for Education and Language (CEL) offers the following programmes and courses:

  • The Intensive English Programme
  • The IELTS Preparatory course
  • The MUET Workshop
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • English for Academic Writing
  • Diploma in Education TESL
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education

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